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ChiroCotton Sets: A washable, green option to chiropractic face paper. We wanted to create a product as fun & lively as you.




  • Pictured, typically recommended: 11" x 11"

  -- Thuli table used in photo

  • Requested size: 12" x 11"

What are ChiroCottons made of? 

cotton - soft to the touch & easy to wash


Fabric Choices:

👉 Fabrics A & C: cotton/light linen style blend similar to an old school handkerchief. They have a soft sheen on the top side. This fabric wouldn’t need a cut out bc they are more breathable.

👉 Fabrics D, F, H : traditional cotton blends. This fabric lends well to cut out but I wouldn’t think necessary.

How many are in this set? 

This ChiroFace Cotton set comes with 12 individual cotton cloths. 

Dawn Hanky ChiroCottons

  • Blue Linen

    Linen-Cotton Blend

    Country of Origin: Made in the USA

    Care: Machine Wash Cold, Machine Tumble Low

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