5 Pack Face Masks:

  • Get a family 5-pack of the same design face masks & save some dough!


  • Drawing Lines
  • Rosie Posie
  • Solo Picnic
  • Seeing Square:
    • Crimson & Gold
    • Blue & Teal


Face Masks

  • double-layered cotton masks
  • double folds with expandable face masks 
  • additional inside pocket to add extra filtration, if desired
  • copper pinchable nose piece
  • washable


Wearing options:

  • Cord ties 


How many masks are in a 5 pack quantity?

Five of the same print mask.




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5 Pack Face Mask

$35.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
  • Washing Machine Care Instructions:

    1. Remove any added filters.
    2. Tie paracord ties together.
    3. Put face mask in mesh or delicates washing bag.
    4. Wash on "delicate" or lowest spin cycle.

    To sanitize: wash in HOT water with Clorox or bleaching agent

    Do not microwave.

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