Face Masks

  • double-layered cotton masks
  • double folds with expandable face masks 
  • additional inside pocket to add extra filtration, if desired
  • copper pinchable nose piece
  • washable


Wearing options:

  • Cord ties 


What is a Grab Bag option?

a fabric face mask with an unknown fabric print (cotton or cotton blend)


What is the catch?

The fabric is a surprise!  We're making face masks as fast as possible & can't always get a photo styled & snapped in advance. 


Why have a Grab Bag? 

It saves us the time of having to photograp & create a listing that maybe we only have a few fabric masks included. A Grab Bag saves us time and money- therefore we pass the savings on to you!


So then why are there photos included in the description?

Those are some of the possibility face masks. It isn't an exhaustive photo gallery, but it is there to help you get an idea of what may be coming your way. 🙂


How many masks are in a Grab Bag?

It is a one-to-one quantity.


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Face Mask (grab bag)

$7.00 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
  • Washing Machine Care Instructions:

    1. Remove any added filters.
    2. Tie paracord ties together.
    3. Put face mask in mesh or delicates washing bag.
    4. Wash on "delicate" or lowest spin cycle.

    To sanitize: wash in HOT water with Clorox or bleaching agent

    Do not microwave.