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A Boudreaux Pillow includes 1 stackable foam pillow:

--A smaller-sized pillow 

SIZE: 16" x 24"


We all know a Boudreaux. He's funny. He's kind. He makes everyone in your office laugh. He's an extra kinda guy, including that extra he's got in his midsection that sometimes make it a little uncomfortable for him to lay face down. We gotcha covered, Boudreaux!


...or need a nesting spot for baby?     Want just want ONE PregoPillow?


Problem solved! One PregoPillow is the perfect solution for a nesting spot for baby or little one to get adjusted in.


Each Boudreaux pillow is made using high-density, industrial grade mattress foam that is laser cut for precision. Each Boudreaux pillow is lined in a cotton casing.


DURABILITY: A washable, removable cover for each Boudreaux pillow each pregnancy pillow covers the cotton casing. Removable covers are made from upholstery grade fabric, similar in thickness and density to denim.

Glaze Binding Boudreaux Pillow

Out of Stock
  • Glaze Binding, Upholstery

    100% Cotton

    Care: Machine Wash Cold, Machine Tumble Low


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