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Maybe you're like me... trying to practice what you preach to patients & build your skill set. You're also probably trying to decrease your chemical exposure & see what you can make at home. I totally understand! 


That's exactly how I got into sourdough starter. I'm also gluten free, so my sourdough hasn't met gluten since I've had it. 



  • GF sourdough starter
  • directions for how to use GF sourdough starter


I have found this is a fun thing to go with the family, as well as a great class to teach patients how they can have fun trying new healthy things!



Specs about sourdough: 

This listing is for freshly fed, DEHYDRATED organic sourdough starter yeast flakes, enough to feed daily to increase volume.


Just add water + flour, cover with a lid, and the starter will become bubbly active in the next few hours! This heirloom sourdough yeast starter is vigorous, active, and old! It is a 145-year-old starter that has been passed down generation to generation since 1875. It's healthy, organic, and sour.


Traditional old-fashioned cooking with fermented food is highly beneficial for your gut health. 

Organic Sourdough Starter, Gluten Free

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