From cancer survivors to professional athletes to children with special needs...

We love meeting people where they are.

With house call chiropractic, we seek to find the most natural approach to living a holistic life.

What makes us different: We’re obsessed with learning!

Functional nutrition, genetic testing, supporting preconception health, chiropractic care,

neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD & autism-- whatever is research-backed.


We want to truly understand your unique physiology to be able to recommend only the BEST care!

Your personalized healthcare plans should reflect that.

What are the best ways support your life?

More “rest & digest” for growing development, elite athletic performance, weight loss, detoxification

for healthy daily living, or is it simply better sleep? Let's find out!

Meet the Team

Patient, understanding, &

ready to listen to your needs:


Dr. Derek

Dr. Rebekah


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Concierge Chiropractic

Avoid the hassle of loading the kids in the car & having to sit in the waiting room.

We come to you!

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The Living Shop

Pregnancy pillows: PegoPillows.


Face Paper. Chiroclickers. Books. Toys. 


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Now making house calls in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In-office visits at Mae Lah Maternity

(8775 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809)

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