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Chiropractic Care for Babies


Do you adjust babies?  Yes!


Why do you adjust babies? The birthing process can be stressful on everyone involved: tension, muscle spasms, joint misalignments are possible that can affect function, sleep, and feeding.


Do you adjust them the same as adults? Absolutely not. Babies are mostly still cartilage and muscle, not yet bone at this point. So a simple light, sustained touch can go a long way.

What are common reasons babies get adjusted?

Common observations: pain, inconsolable crying (colic), poor sleep


Feeding concerns, especially after lactation consultation: not latching properly, popping on & off, painful latches, inefficient feeds that require many breaks & often involve crying.

Baby Boxer clenched fists, and/or bent elbows- I like to call this "fisticuffs" It may be difficult to wash armpits or open hands to bathe

Highly Sensitive Child (HSC) or sensitive to lights or sounds or smells, they may be quick to cry, cry often, or may be "wound up," or often do not like to held or may seem like they are not snuggly babies. Don't worry we'll make a football watching snuggly baby out of them. 😉

Torticollis or head side tilt or preference to keep head on one side, preferring to feed on only one side and not the other.

Limited movements: avoiding tummy time, not holding head up, not sitting up or crawling properly, or being reluctant to walk

What are you looking for? Smooth, symmetric bilateral movement, ability to rest in a neutral position, perform a function with ease and confidence.

Do you work with other healthcare providers? Yes! I really enjoy it.

Usually if there is a function concern either with feeding or movement, it is expected to  work with a team of professionals such as lactation consultants, SLPs, PTs, and OT.


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