The most miserable neck Charley horse

Then one day you notice something... Why won't she look to the right? How come she only nurses on one side? Why does she scream when you touch one side of her neck?


Think about it this way... Torticollis is like having a gigantic Charlie horse in your NECK! That would terrible, wouldn't it? Now you understand why your poor baby was screaming so much!

What could have caused it?

According to a study of 624 infantile torticollis cases by the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics, the most common associations included:

1. BIRTH: difficult labour, breech deliveries, or C-section -- (62.2%)

2. MUSCLES: muscular torticollis alone -- (36.7%)

3. POSTURE: postural -- (27.88%)


Here's the good news!!!

This condition is totally correctable by a properly trained healthcare provider.

That same study by the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics found,

"In patients presenting in the early stages, 97% of all infantile torticollis cases resolved with conservative treatment, active stimulation, and a passive stretching program."


That is EXACTLY where your chiropractor can help. Chiropractic is conservative treatment with gentle, specific treatment of the spasming muscle and the surrounding area.




Cheng JC, Au AW. Infantile torticollis: a review of 624 cases. J Pediatr Orthop. 1994 Nov-Dec;14(6) 802-808. PMID: 7814599.

When you first bring your baby home you think it is going to be this magical experience- and without a doubt it is!


But it can also be... difficult ...exhausting ...and draining when your baby won't stop crying.

It breaks your heart.

That tiny whimper of discomfort and anguish. It slices your poor motherly heart into a thousand pieces.


You'd do anything to make the pain stop for your baby. ANYTHING! You just don't know what it is... You've swaddled. You've patted. You've rocked.


You changed your diet... You cut out gluten. dairy. eggs. nuts. nothing works.


The crying won't stop.