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Optimized Nutrition


Here's how it works:

We will listen to your story.

We will really get to know what you are thinking, feeling, & experiencing.

We will combine that information with a personalized food analysis, genetic testing, lab work, to find what foods are right for you & when you should be eating them to get the results you want.

Functional Nutrition Assessments:

We understand that no two people are alike. We also understand that the tiniest members of the family can have the biggest impact on the happiness & well being of the rest of the family. A little can go a long way.

Please know, we do not treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any specific disease or condition. We take a whole body systemic approach to understanding how to support individual physiology to function at its most optimal level. Living the life you & your family want on your terms. 

  • Chiropractic care

  • Cranial analysis & correction

  • Vagal nerve stimulation

  • Eye light therapy

  • Low level laser

  • Vibration therapy

  • Deep pressure therapy

  • Primitive reflex integration

  • Autism

  • Sensory Processing Concerns

  • Headaches & Neck Pain

  • Tummy & Back Pain

  • ADHD & hyperactivity

  • Grumpy or Moody Kids

  • Anxious or Nervous Kids

  • Refusal to Walk, Exercise

  • Fatigue/ Bad Sleepers

  • Constipation/Diarrhea

  • Colic & Excessive Crying

  • Ear aches

  • Head banging

  • Yeast & Gut Concerns

  • Sad/ Depressed Kiddos

  • Picky Eaters


Testing options:

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Nutrigenomic genetic testing

  • Functional hormone testing

  • Adrenal stress index testing

  • Inflammation markers

Our Approach to Optimization

We begin with your body's story:

Order personalized testing to discover your needs:


State of the art testing paired with a whole body physiology approach allows us to uncover the real story of your body's function, rather than the "wait and watch approach."



How we measure your progress:

At the end of the treatment plan a reassessment will be made, comparing pre & post blood work, physical exam findings, health goals, and symptom surveys. We believe in concrete findings, not just how you feel.

*We use only third-party tested supplements and nutracuticals to support optimal body function.

Meet the Team

Patient, understanding, &

ready to listen to your needs:


Dr. Derek

Dr. Rebekah


Complete Paperwork & Upload it Here:

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It's a busy world & your time is valuable. We provide online options to fit your busy lifestyle. You can complete all of the following online:

1. Request an appointment below.

2. Fill out paperwork at home & upload it when you're done.

3. Upload previous imaging &/or testing for Dr. Bruner to review.


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We are also happy to review previous imaging, lab work, & charts/notes from other healthcare providers.

They can be uploaded through our DropBox.

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