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handmade  PregoPillows

PregoPillows, 1 set

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

PregoPillow size: 16" x 24"


How do PregoPillows work? : A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy & a medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy. The 2 pillows also fit together to be stacked for later in pregnancy or bigger bellies.

What are PregoPillows made of?  We use industrial, professional-grade memory foam that supports the weight of mama & sweet baby. This makes it super comfy for mama to lay face down on like a memory-foam bed, yet still have her pregnant belly fully supported.

What about the foam liners? Each PregoPillow has a cotton liner over the memory foam to provide extra protection & support.


What about the covers? Each PregoPillow has a washable, removable cover made from upholstery fabric. The upholstery fabric has a similar weight & thickness as denim. The upholstery fabric provides an extra layer of strength & resiliency for mom & will hold up for many washes with all those wonderful baby eruptions. 😉 

What are the covers made of ? Each PregoPillow cover is made from 100% or mostly 100% cotton.

Did you know diaper blowouts are a side effect of a gentle chiropractic adjustment for little ones?

Any special care instructions ? Because each PregoPillow cover is made from 100% or mostly 100% cotton it is not only comfortable, but easily washable and durable. We suggest cold water wash with an air dry or low-setting on your dryer.

Other Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I use my own fabric ? Absolutely! There is a custom option near the bottom of the shop.

Can I buy an extra set of PregoPillow covers ? Absolutely! There is a custom option upon check out. State which set you would like at checkout.