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handmade  PregoPillows

PregoPillows, 1 set

Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

PregoPillow size: 16" x 24"


How do PregoPillows work? : A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy & a medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy. The 2 pillows also fit together to be stacked for later in pregnancy or bigger bellies.

What are PregoPillows made of?  We use industrial, professional-grade memory foam that supports the weight of mama & sweet baby. This makes it super comfy for mama to lay face down on like a memory-foam bed, yet still have her pregnant belly fully supported.

What about the foam liners? Each PregoPillow has a cotton liner over the memory foam to provide extra protection & support.


What about the covers? Each PregoPillow has a washable, removable cover made from upholstery fabric. The upholstery fabric has a similar weight & thickness as denim. The upholstery fabric provides an extra layer of strength & resiliency for mom & will hold up for many washes with all those wonderful baby eruptions. 😉 

What are the covers made of ? Each PregoPillow cover is made from 100% or mostly 100% cotton.

Did you know diaper blowouts are a side effect of a gentle chiropractic adjustment for little ones?

Any special care instructions ? Because each PregoPillow cover is made from 100% or mostly 100% cotton it is not only comfortable, but easily washable and durable. We suggest cold water wash with an air dry or low-setting on your dryer.

Other Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I use my own fabric ? Absolutely! There is a custom option near the bottom of the shop.

Can I buy an extra set of PregoPillow covers ? Absolutely! There is a custom option upon check out. State which set you would like at checkout.

How Chiropractors use PregoPillows

Every chiropractor specializing in family / motherhood / pregnancy care understands the value of a great set of chiropractic pregnancy pillows. Moms who have not been able to lay on their pregnant bellies LOVE the pillows.

PregoPillows are made of high-grade, industrial quality foam that can support the weight of someone lying face down.

The center is cut out, allowing ideal space for a pregnancy belly to be safely, & comfortably supported while the doctor analyzes spinal & pelvic alignment, as well as check for ligament tightness.

To see all the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, click here.


Just imagine how you would feel if you had not been able to lay on your stomach for months!

Moms even ask to buy their own set sometimes!

Other Common PregoPillow Questions

USA shipping:

We ship PregoPillows to chiropractors and pregnant mamas all over the country- from Washington to Florida!


I enjoy handwriting everyone a personal note of encouragement & well wishes for the wonderful women the pillows will help. Each box is wrapped in bright colored paper.

international shipping:

We can ship international & traditionally use USPS Priority 6-10 Day Shipping options that start around $65 and go up from there.

To estimate shipping costs: USPS Shipping Calculator

A PregoPillow set is approximately 24" x 18" x 9" & weighs 5.5 lbs.

Dr. Bruner is happy to answer additional shipping questions via email.

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