Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy:


I have been seen by Drs. Derek and Rebekah Bruner many times over the last few months and every time has been a wonderful experience!

I visit for wellness due to my scoliosis and also during my recent pregnancy. (Baby Lucas loves being adjusted also!)


I feel very comfortable with the level of service I have received every time.


They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all of my questions and concerns.


                                -Micah D. (and baby Lucas)

"Who do you call when you hurt? THESE GUYS.


The very talented Drs. Bruner have been generous and patient with me through a car accident-related and several exercise-related injuries, and I would not recommend anyone else more highly."


                                                        -Bonnie M., personal trainer

Meet the Team

Drs. Rebekah & Derek Bruner provide chiropractic care & optimal wellness solutions to fit your busy lifestyle.

Sports  Testimonials

"Dr. Bruner is by far the nicest doctor we have ever worked with!!!

We have been so blessed to have him help us with Dally & her knee!


                                 -Misty P. & Dally, 10yr old competitive barrel racer


"I recently had a human patient who presented with some concerning symptoms. I decided it would be in the best interest of the patient to setup a consultation with a couple of my colleagues.


I was so impressed with the knowledge of my peers...and more importantly the quality of patient care!


I want to thank Drs. Derek & Rebekah Bruner for welcoming my patient, her family, and myself into your practice. You both are such a blessing!!


Thank you for your help :):) "


                                                 -Dr. Shawna Turner, equestrian chiropractic specialist

                                                                                               at Supple Steeds Wellness Specialists

Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Testimonials

“Several years ago, I started experiencing numbness in both hands while sleeping. Dr. Derek Bruner treated me for carpal tunnel syndrome and today I am symptom free!  He was very patient, evaluated my problem, used just the right techniques and after a few treatments, I am good as new.”        -Susan C, computer teacher


     I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome almost a decade ago.  It was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to live with.  The pain itself would wake me up way before dawn and had progressively interfered with my daily life; I was not only in pain for the most part of the day, but I was also losing sleep.  In my desperate need to alleviate the pain, I had looked to modern medicine as a resolution.  I had scheduled my surgery for December 2005 but changed my mind last minute due to reservations about its efficacy.  


I was first introduced to chiropractic via a friend. I was interested in the aspect of holistic healing and noninvasive treatments of my carpal tunnel.  I started scheduling treatments twice a week and was very impressed by the pain free results, but I was only pain free for 2-3 days post visit.  This was my regular regimen for at least two years.  Even though I was thankful for the results, the cost was becoming more and more burdensome, and eventually my visits became less frequent. 


  I met Dr. Derek through my daughter. He was immediately interested in helping me become pain free. Even from the beginning I was in tune to the fact that his adjustments/treatments were a lot different from other chiropractors.  I was very impressed with not only his clinical capabilities but also his knowledge behind each and every treatment he was performing AND his ability to explain the “why” and how” of every aspect of my care.  I immediately was stunned by how effectively he was able to accomplish my goal of becoming pain free in a matter of several treatments!! 


 I am and will forever be thankful for Dr. Derek and what he has accomplished in me. His innate ability through his touch matched with his enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and his genuine love of healing people makes him an exceptional person and chiropractor.                          -Myrna E, head laboratory technician





Functional Nutrition Testimonials

"After having my first child, my health went from it's peak during pregnancy to an extreme low.

I developed brain fog, ear fullness, dizziness, and exhaustion I never experienced before, lasting much longer than the           typical lack of sleep a new mother has.

I have a successful business and found it difficult to function day to day, let alone spend quality time with my family.


After visiting numerous ENT's, my OBGYN, general doctor, and even a neurologist, I had no hope or direction for better health.


I randomly called an audiologist for the ear issues, and was referred to Drs. Bruner.

Desperate for answers, they fit me in for a same day appointment.


Dr. Derek Bruner worked tirelessly reviewing my blood work, supplements, and food habits to devise that blood sugar

and food sensitivities could be causing my issues.


While my blood work didn't indicate a specific illness, they listened to my concerns and sincerely understood that there are issues   a typical doctor cannot address with medication, but that can still be debilitating to mental and physical function.

After a month and a half, I am on my way back to full health! I'm thinking clearer, have less congestion, and have the energy and confidence to fight for my life back. The stress of dealing with this condition was eliminated once I had Drs. Derek and Rebekah's support.


They have gone above and beyond any doctor I've ever met to treat my entire health profile.

I can't speak more highly of Optimized Living Institute, as they have been such a blessing to my life."

-Jackie M., financial business owner

"Dr. Bruner has helped me start to feel better from almost 20 years of pain from an autoimmune disorder. I think everyone with chronic pain should see them!"


                                                   -Amy B., suffered from chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis


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