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New Patient Paperwork

How do I fill out the paperwork? 

 Here are the most common options:

  •  PAPER: Print + Handwrite + Scan

          Please no Google Doc send. It scrambles the file.

  •  TABLET /iPad / iPhone: Standard PDF Editor 

How do I scan files? 

How do I send it back? 

 Here are the most common options:

  •  Drag & Drop to DropBox (Click "Add File")

  •  FAX: (225) 308-9225

           Please no Google Doc send. It scrambles the file.





What else should I include?

Recent Blood Work or Imaging:
If you have any recent (6 months - 1 year) blood work, x-rays, or MRI that you think would be important or relevant to your case or condition, please bring them with you or submit early.

We will be happy to review them for a more complete history.

Food Diary:
Our job is to be a health detective. The more information you can provide us, the more clues we have to uncover the possible underlying causes that cause you to feel the way that you do.


Ideally we would like a 3-5 day food diary WITH symptoms & sleep habits.



What can I expect day of
Prior to your appointment, we'll review of your paperwork, your goals, concerns, & experiences.


When we meet we will have an in-person exam. Afterwards we will go over what we find and with your approval, provide therapy to the indicated areas. We will get your permission before proceeding with care. 


This will allow for maximum face-to-face time with the doctor.

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