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 Sidekick Sets



​Sidekick Sets with PregoPillows. Every hero needs a good sidekick for support. PregoPillows with a cover & a smooshable pillow to help with those sweet little ones.

    WHAT ARE SIDEKICKS? helpful handy sidekicks like a blanket &/or a smooshable pillow.

     SETS MAY INCLUDE: PregoPillows + Blanket Sidekick + Smooshable Pillow Sidekick

Sidekick Blanket Uses: to protect your PregoPillows, if you work with little ones or throw over mom while she's prone

Sidekick Pillow Uses: matching throw pillow + support mom's neck/upper torso while prone

PregoPillows + Sidekick Sets

Toss Blankets

Custom Options

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