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Car Accidents


Your doctor says you're fine, but you feel anything but fine.

You're ready to get back to normalcy... playing with the kids, working out,

being able to spend the whole day at work, but this pain & discomfort is limiting what you can do each day.

That is where Dr. Bruner steps in to help you heal optimally.

Car Accident & Whiplash Recovery:

In such a short amount of time the body can go through a significant amount of physical stress. The car accident or whiplash incident may be over quickly, but without proper treatment the injuries can last for years. It is crucial to look at ligaments, bones, and muscle changes after an accident.

Imaging and additional testing will objectively analyze what your body went through during the accident and the changes that may have occurred. Dr. Bruner will complete a thorough chiropractic exam and a neurological workup to better understand what you are seeing and experiencing. Together we can create a pathway to healing.


· headache            · loss of smell           · numbness in fingers         · neck pain/stiffness

· loss of taste         · cold hands             · mid-back pain                 · loss of memory

· cold feet              · low-back pain        · fatigue                           · diarrhea

· tension                · constipation           · pain behind eyes             · shortness of breath

· chest pain           · dizziness               · irritability                        · sleeping problems

· fainting               · depression              · cold sweats                    · numbness in toes  

· anxious               · nervousness           · loss of balance                 · ringing/buzzing in ears

· nausea                · sensitivity to light, sounds, & smells                                                               


Available options:

  • Hot packs

  • Cryotherapy

  • Electrical muscle stim recovery

  • Dim the lights / low lighting options

  • Sound machine / white noise

  • No perfumes / plugins

  • Flexible seating options

  • Essential oil diffusion options

  • Emotional support - Meet Elsa

Whiplash & Concussion Healing

3 Phases of Healing

Your body has a roadmap to healing. We help.

Phase 1




occurs during the first 72 hours

the first several days may days may be incredibly painful

Phase 2




lasts from 48 to 72 hours after the injury, until approximately 6 weeks after the injury

the subsidence of inflammation and the beginning of healing

Phase 3



requires 12 months or more to become maximal.


Maximum ligament scar maturation is not achieved before 12 months. The original tensile strength is not regained (50-70% is the probable range

Meet the Team

Patient, understanding, &

ready to listen to your needs:


Dr. Derek

Dr. Rebekah


Complete Paperwork & Upload it Here:

It's a busy world & your time is valuable. We provide online options to fit your busy lifestyle. You can complete all of the following online:

1. Request an appointment below.

2. Fill out paperwork at home & upload it when you're done.

3. Upload LOP, attorney info, car crash reports, etc if necessary.

4. Upload previous imaging &/or testing for Dr. Bruner to review.

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Attorney & Car Accident Cases

Dr. Bruner's Training:

Drs. Bruner has additional post-doctorate training in car accidents, whiplash trauma, & concussions through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Drs. Bruner follows the Croft Whiplash Treatment Guidelines for healing repair.

Does Dr. Bruner work with personal injury attorneys & LOPs?

Yes. You can have your attorney's office fax information to expedite your case to (225) 308-9225.

Do I need an attorney after a car accident to get started with chiropractic care?

No. We can get started today.


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We are also happy to review previous imaging, car accident,

& ER reports charts/notes from other healthcare providers.

They can be uploaded through our DropBox.

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