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The Boudreaux Belly Pillows

The Boudreaux Belly Pillows because sometimes Boudreaux has a little extra love around the midsection and he deserves to lie face down too!

The Boudreaux Belly Pillows

A Boudreaux Pillow includes 1 stackable smaller foam pillow


We all know a Boudreaux: He's funny. He's kind. He makes everyone in your office laugh. He's an extra kinda guy, including that extra he's got in his midsection that sometimes make it a little uncomfortable for him to lay face down.


We gotcha covered, Boudreaux!     ...or need a nesting spot for baby?     Want just want ONE PregoPillow? 


Problem solved! A Boudreaux Pillow is the perfect solution for a nesting spot for baby or little one to get adjusted in.

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