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Chiropractic Care




3 Convenient Options:
  • HOUSE CALLS: We recognize that sometimes the hardest part of going to the doctor is getting the family loaded in the van and leaving home.
That's where we can help: we come to you at a time that works best for your family's schedule!
  • IN-OFFICE: at Mae Lah Maternity
  • TELEHEALTH consultations
INSURANCE: As we are currently transitioning to become in-network with major Louisiana insurance companies, our cash services prices are listed below.
WE PROVIDE: clinical evaluation, services, and an itemized list of services (superbill) that can easily be sent in to your insurance provider for direct reimbursement.
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Please note, we do use Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD) to legally provide cash-based discounted fee schedule.

  • Complete Chiropractic Exam             $100

        Adult  /   Pregnancy  /  Pediatric

  • Chiropractic Adjustment                     $35-50

        Spinal  / Extremity Adjusting

        How? Manual (by hand) adjusting or instrument-assisted adjusting

  • Soft Tissue Treatment                          $35

        Active Release Technique (ART) / Graston  / Cupping

  • Dry Needling Treatment                      $35

        With or Without Electrical Stimulation


* We appreciate your patience as we work towards getting in-network with major insurance companies in Louisiana.

    Superbills are available for insurance company patient submissions, per request.

  • Cranial Therapy  (15min)                            $25

        Adult / Child / Sensory - Special Needs

  • Primary & Postural Reflex Therapy (15min) $25

        Training: Intersect4Life & MNRI

        Sensory - Special Needs / Trauma Survivors

  • Functional Health Consultation               $100

        Review of any previous testing & imaging analysis included


Let's make this easy. Tell us what you need & when you're available. We'll handle the rest!

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Still have a question? We'd love to help!

Send Dr. Bruner an email or text us (225) 339-9911

Email: info@OptimizedLivingInstitute.com

Text Us: (225) 339-9911    Fax Us: (225) 308-9225

In-office visits at Mae Lah Maternity

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