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Tent City & PregoPillows: how you can help

Approximately 3,810 individuals are homeless in Dallas, and that number is rising. The homeless population increased by 21% when counted in January of 2016. Read more here

More specifically Tent City

Cindy J. Crain, President and CEO of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) discussed the lessons MDHA has accumulated from working with the residents of the Tent City under the I-45 Bridge, specifically highlighting the importance of increased professional street outreach and interagency collaboration, to help house as many people as possible. Read more here

How many people live in Tent City?

MDHA encampment census shows as many at 237 living in the I-45 encampment. (See census graph above)

Estimate census at encampment at Haskell and I-30: (5/5/2016)

-- 57 tents, 63 persons, 31 persons known on case management

Estimate census at encampment at Coombs to Grand: (5/5/2016)

-- 85 tents, 79 persons, 57 persons known on case management

Others: MDHA compiled a list of 300 unduplicated persons that at some point were engaged at the location of the I‐45 encampment. Read more here

How are PregoPillows helping?

Each PregoPillow set generates two pillows for the homeless at Tent City. Our PregoPillow cutouts are donated to Helping Hands, Open Hearts and distributed at quarterly Tent City events. To sign-up for an upcoming event, please see Facebook Events.

How can you help?

Optimized Living Institute is committed to helping Helping Hands, Open Hearts. We will be collecting: (1) clothing & shoes

(2) blankets, coats, & gloves

(3) contents for blessing bags

You may drop off any of those at our office at any time.

Get involved in local organizations like:

-homeless response system

-700 volunteers that help count homeless

-Salvation Army distributions (2nd Saturday afternoon of every month)

-Quarterly outreach & meal to Tent City

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