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Dark Circles & Double GAD1

Dark Eye Circles, GAD1, genetc testing, Genomix Testing

Dark circles. My whole life. Concealer is my best friend.

I never really thought it was sleep related. I'm a 7-8hrs every night in bed kinda girl. I thought I was getting good sleep.

Genetic testing revealed in +/+ GAD1. (double GAD) Notoriously bad sleepers. Surely not me, right?!

I asked my husband, "Oh yeah. You twitch, flop, & wake up constantly. You wake ME up all the time!"

He asked, "And you don't ever dream do you? And you have to meditate to fall asleep, right?"

Reluctantly I agreed to supplement for my double GAD. I started falling asleep quickly. No meditation necessary. No waking up 4-5x a night. I started waking up refreshed. Even dreaming...all within a week... A WEEK!

I decided not to take any supplements to Louisiana for 4 nights to see if it made a difference. (I was hoping the supplements were just placebo because I don't like swallowing pills.)

Y'all, I've felt like a sleep-deprived zombie & these dark circles back it up. This girl will forever be supplementing for this double GAD to get restful, dream-filled sleep all night long.

Genomix Nutrition, genetic testing

FOLLOW UP questions I have gotten:

What genetic testing did I use? Genomix Test, 55 SNP test

How does it work? It's a super easy saliva test. Swab your cheek. Send it in. Wait 7-10 days & we get the results.

Then what? We pour over your results & come up with a game plan to support your specific genetics. Guidelines for nutrition... sleep... exercise... detoxification... inflammation... whatever you need.

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Dr. Derek Bruner & Dr. Rebekah Bruner

Dr. Rebekah Bruner is passionate about healthy living & preventative healthcare learning. She enjoys speaking and writing about empowering people to become their own health advocate.

Dr. Bruner's post-doctorate training is in functional medicine and neurology. She has received additional certifications in Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering the Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, Leaky Gut, & Autoimmunity.

Dr. Bruner's Credentials:

Doctorate of Chiropractic, Parker University

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Centenary College of Louisiana

Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness, Parker University

Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, Parker University

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