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5 Things Runners Should be Talking to Their Doctor About

Running in pain:

If you know my backstory, you know I ran in pain. My coach told me good runners always ran in pain.

So I did. Every. Single. Day.

Until one day in cross country practice I fell down & I couldn't get up. The pain wouldn't stop. Ibuprofen didn't work anymore.

I had to quit the cross country team.

Stanford runner

Why ibuprofen is not the answer:

“Basically, for every 5 runners who took ibuprofen, there was 1 additional case of acute kidney injury. That’s a pretty high rate,” said Grant Lipman, MD. Grant Lipman, MD is the clinical associate professor of emergency medicine at Stanford and director of Stanford Wilderness Medicine

What does this mean? It means ibuprofen is NOT the answer. It's a short-term fix to a bigger problem that isn't being addressed.

So what can you do?

You don't need to run in pain. Here's how:

(1) Listen to your body. Pain is a warning light. What is your body telling you?

(2) As an athlete, your body is a performance machine. You wouldn't neglect a car tune up or an oil change if you were a race car driver. Make sure your spine, legs, knees, and hips are staying in alignment.

(3) Sore muscles. Get muscle spasms released before your body lays down scar tissue. (Dr. Bruner is Active Release Techniques certified doc!)

(4) Get biomechanical imbalances corrected. Asymmetry in movement sets you up for injuries and failures.

(5) Nutrient deficiencies & electrolyte imbalances can be a huge problem. Ask your healthcare provider about proper testing.

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Dr. Rebekah Bruner is passionate about healthy living & preventative healthcare learning. She enjoys speaking and writing about empowering people to become their own health advocate.

Dr. Bruner's post-doctorate training is in functional medicine and neurology. She has received additional certifications in Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering the Thyroid, Mastering Brain Chemistry, Leaky Gut, & Autoimmunity.

Dr. Bruner's Credentials:

Doctorate of Chiropractic, Parker University

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Centenary College of Louisiana

Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness, Parker University

Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, Parker University

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