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Overactive Brain: I Need Sleep

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

God bless my husband.

My brain @ 4:45am: We have so much we could be doing! Let’s hustle! Let's work towards helping more people & changing the world!

This is how my anxiety manifests: I. Can’t. Sit. Still. So I got up & got to work.

When I asked him if he wanted me to go into the office he must have seen the anxiety on my face.

Bless that sweet man.

He replied, “Do you need to sew? It looks like you’re on a roll. I can handle the office. Do you, boo.”

This is what it's often like being double GAD: the chronic anxiety. Can you see it on my face?



ISO (In Search Of) asks :

Friend 1: Oh Dr. B !! This is me ! My GAD is the death of me ! What supplements have worked for you ?

Friend 2: Hey! I just saw your post! Do you mind if I ask what supplements you use for an overactive mind?!

Girl, I have tried it all.

  • I drink 1 cup of coffee at 7:30am. No more caffeine that day.

  • I don't workout in afternoon/night.

  • I have a bedtime unwinding ritual that starts after dinner: lights go out, TV gets turned down (only comedy or light-hearted-- nothing serious or scary if tv is on), blue-light blocker glasses, Sleepytime Tea, warm shower, & pitch-black dark, cool bedroom.

  • Without the supplement I will have to pray/meditate for 15-30min before falling asleep.

READ: I totally get it. I have tried EVERYTHING too! It's not you. It's the GAD. 😊 LOL

Full disclosure: I did genetic testing about 2years ago & it changed my life.

I now only take the supplements to support compromise not just because I read it's nice to take it.

I really love the physician line of supplements (3rd party tested, pharmaceutical quality) Neurobiologix Supplements. They make them based on genetic SNPs to support those compromised metabolic pathways. I used their MoodPlus & Calming Cream for about a year & that finally got me sleeping. Then GOD BLESS the company & their ability to listen to patient needs!!!

They realized double GADs need more.

They especially formulated a Pro GAD enhancer & it has been my treasure! I just hate taking supplements & haven't been diligent this week... and now it has caught up with me.

That's why I didn't sleep the full night through. LOL

But you best believe I won't miss taking my ProGAD Enhancer tonight.

Want to know about the genetic testing I did? Read about it here.

If we can ever be a resource, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Text: (225) 339-9911


Drs. Derek & Rebekah Bruner

Dr. Rebekah Bruner is passionate about healthy living & preventative healthcare learning. She enjoys speaking and writing about empowering people to become their own health advocate.

Dr. Bruner's post-doctorate training is in functional medicine, neurology, & pediatrics. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association & she is completing additional training through the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (medMAPS).

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