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Lux PregoPillows with Sidekick Set. This blend makes these PregoPillows naturally more moisture wicking to easily wipe quick spills or water drops. A soft, sleek finish makes this comfy to rest on.


A PregoPillow SET includes 2 stackable foam pillows:

--A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy

--A medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy

SIZE: 16" x 24" 


SIDEKICK Sets include:

--A matching cover to lay over your PregoPillows for when little one gets adjusted


PregoPillow is made using high-density, industrial grade mattress foam that is laser cut for precision. Each PregoPillow is lined in a cotton casing.


DURABILITY: A washable, removable cover for each pregnancy pillow covers the cotton casing. Removable covers are made from upholstery grade fabric, similar in thickness and density to two layers of denim.

Brookhaven PregoPillow Sidekick Set

  • Holly Dear, Polyester Cotton Blend

    75% Polyester, 25% Cotton

    Wash Care: dry clean recommended


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