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A PregoPillow SET includes 2 stackable foam pillows:

--A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy

--A medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy

The 2 pillows also fit together to be stacked for later in pregnancy or bigger bellies.


SIZE: 16" x 24"


What are PregoPillows made of? 

We use industrial, professional-grade memory foam that supports the weight of mama & sweet baby. (Heck, I recovered my Gonstead bench with this Tempurpedic-style memory foam!) This makes it super comfy for mama to lay face down on like a memory foam bed, yet still have her pregnant belly fully supported.

What about the foam casings? 

Each PregoPillow has a cotton/upholstery cotton fabrc liner over the memory foam to provide extra protection & support.



  • A washable, removable cover for each pregnancy pillow covers the cotton casing.
  • Removable covers are made from upholstery grade fabric, similar in thickness and density to denim.


Why a Sidekick Set? Great question! If you work with babies or small children you may have experienced the side effects of a good chiropractic adjustment.


Chiropractic Adjustment Side Effects: We know the side effect of a good chiropractic adjustment may reinforce the ways of gravity- what goes in, must come out! 😉  Constipation? No more!   Reflux/Colicy baby? We got you covered- literally!


For that reason we try to protect your investment with a cotton casing, removable cover + throw blanket/cover.


SIDEKICK Set may include:

--A matching cover to lay over your PregoPillows for when little one gets adjusted

--A matching smooshable pillow with washable, removable cover

Ants on Parade PregoPillow Sidekick Set

  • Ants on Parade, Upholstery

    100% Cotton

  • Ants on Parade PregoPillows + Sidekick Sets include a matching blanket and decorative pillow


    Ants on Parade PregoPillows + blanket only include a matching blanket

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