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What is a Grab Bag Set?

A small & medium sized PregoPillow + a matching set of PregoPillow covers.


What is the catch?

The covers are a surprise!  We ship PregoPillow cover prints that may not have yet been photographed or listed for sale. 


Why have a Grab Bag Set?

It saves us the time of having to photograph, create a listing, & market a set of PregoPillows that maybe we only have 1 or 2 sets of PregoPillow covers in. A Grab Bag Set saves us time and money- therefore we pass the savings on to you!


So then why are there photos included in the description?

Those are some of the possibility PregoPillow covers. It isn't an exhaustive photo gallery, but it is there to help you get an idea of what may be coming your way. 


A PregoPillow SET includes 2 stackable foam pillows:

--A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy

--A medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy

The 2 pillows also fit together to be stacked for later in pregnancy or bigger bellies.


SIZE: 16" x 24"

What are PregoPillows made of? 

We use industrial, professional-grade memory foam that supports the weight of mama & sweet baby. (Heck, I recovered my Gonstead bench with this Tempurpedic-style memory foam!) This makes it super comfy for mama to lay face down on like a memory foam bed, yet still have her pregnant belly fully supported.

What about the foam casings? 

Each PregoPillow has a cotton/upholstery cotton fabric liner over the memory foam to provide extra protection & support.


Side Effects: We know the side effect of a good chiropractic adjustment may reinforce the lays of gravity- what goes in, must come out! ;) For that reason we try to protect your investment with a casing + cover.


DURABILITY: A washable, removable cover for each pregnancy pillow covers the cotton casing. Removable covers are made from upholstery grade fabric, similar in thickness and density to denim.



WHAT ARE SIDEKICKS? helpful handy sidekicks like a blanket &/or a smooshable pillow.

SETS MAY INCLUDE: PregoPillows + Blanket Sidekick + Smooshable Pillow Sidekick

Sidekick Blanket Uses: to protect your PregoPillows, if you work with little ones or throw over mom while she's prone


Sidekick Pillow Uses: matching throw pillow + support mom's neck/upper torso while prone

Grab Bag PregoPillows Set

$210.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • Surprise Print, Upholstery

    100% Cotton

    Care: Machine Wash Cold, Machine Tumble Low


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