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Today more than ever, people are searching for solutions to excess body weight and other health problems.

If It’s Not Food, Don’t Eat It! answers the call. This timely book unveils the pitfalls of our fake-food culture and provides the inspiration and practical know-how the entire family can use to build a healthier eating lifestyle – and actually enjoy doing it!

From toxic, chemical additives to the unscrupulous antics of the food industry in concert with the media, Kelly Hayford takes an honest, often scary look at what we’re eating, why we’re eating it and the devastation it is causing.

Kelly doesn’t leave people hanging, however. This recovered junk-food junkie turned nutrition and health coach also offers practical, easy-to-implement solutions.

Readers learn simple, do-able ways to conquer food cravings, ease digestion, increase energy, shed weight, alleviate symptoms and prevent disease.

Most importantly, they learn how to cut through nutritional confusion, overcome social and psychological obstacles, and make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle with ease.

Other topics include food allergies, emotional eating, whole food supplements; tips for helping children eat better, timesaving food preparation, menu planning, recipes and more.

This is a comprehensive reference guide that people can refer to again and again as they make the transition to a natural foods way of life.

If It’s Not Food… Don’t Eat it!

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