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My Body Will Heal is a fun and educational rhyme guide to help children learn and understand the true functions and physiological processes of the human body systems, as well as the innate power and natural healing potential for our body to overcome, adapt, and thrive. 


This light and energetic children's book is ideal for holistic spaces such as homeschool programs, co-ops, nature schools, natural or holistic healthcare spaces and offices, and home bookshelves. 


Dr. Kayla Abeid is a prenatal, pediatric and family wellness chiropractor and nutritionist who is passionate about educating children about the power of the body to heal from the inside out. 


My Body Will Heal was written to teach the innate wisdom and potential of the body to heal naturally to children ages two and up. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and environment greatly impact our bodies ability to adapt and our nervous system's ability to respond and be resilient. These factors dictate our physiology and expression of health over our lifetime.


The title of this book My Body Will Heal is a foundational belief in the trajectory and outcome of our human experience. By truly believing and trusting that your body was created to heal, you set the tone and framework for your cellular communication and physiology to follow as such. For our thoughts, emotions and beliefs create and dictate our reality, always.


Length: 30 pages


ISBN: 979-8218270322

My Body Will Heal

SKU: 9798218270322
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