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  • 3 yards of upholstery /canvas fabric (54" wide fabric)
  • corresponding all-purpose thread (color of your choice)

GOOD FABRIC suggestions:

  •   Fabric Type: Upholstery / Cotton Canvas / Denim / Cotton Home Decor
    • WHY? a cotton upholstery fabric will give you the most durability & longevity of your PregoPillows.
    • Approximate Cost: $20-40/yard


POOR FABRIC choices:

  • No basic cottons, knits, stretch/spandex, satins, linens, poplins, chiffon, gauze, chepes, or twills
    • WHY? A basic 100% cotton is often too thin & does not have the longevity of upholstery fabric.
  • TEXTURES: No sequins, embroidery, or raised designs
    • Difficult to sew on & uncomfortable to lay on
  • COLORS: No whites, pastels, or light colored fabrics (Side effects of a good chiropractic adjustment are baby eruptions from either ends ;) )
  • Approximate Cost: Less than $20/yard


Fabric Usage Descriptions to look for: Perfect for upholstery projects, medium to heavyweight drapery, home accents, and bags


MAILING: Mail fabric, thread, & your name/order # to Dr. Bruner 

            Mae Lah Maternity

             c/o Bekah Bruner

             8775 Jefferson Hwy, Suite E

             Baton Rouge, LA 70879


--> send email at with tracking #

QUESTIONS? Please contact Dr. Bruner at for any questions.

TIMING: Please allow up to 2 weeks for custom sewing time.


A PregoPillow SET includes 2 stackable foam pillows:
--A smaller-sized pillow for the beginning stages of pregnancy, 16" x 24"
--A medium-sized pillow for mid-pregnancy, 16" x 24"
--A washable, removable cover for each pregnancy pillow (2 total)


NOTE: We do not sell naked PregoPillows i.e. without covers. 

Custom Order PregoPillow Set

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