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Upcoming Gluten Free Events

Gluten Allergy? Gluten Sensitivity? Gluten Intolerant?

You read our Gluten Free Basics Guide HERE and now you are ready to make some changes.

You've decided to be gluten free. GREAT! what?

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Gluten & Allergen Free EXPO at Dallas Market Hall

November 15-16, 2014 Location Details

Who is it for? those with gluten sensitivities | gluten allergies | other food sensitivities | the celiac community | autoimmune disease | inflammatory diseases | autism

What to Expect: gluten free classes | vendor expositions | gluten-free samples | online resources

Want to see what it will be like? Watch the GFAF Expo Trailer


But I don't live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, are there other Gluten Free Allergen Free Expos? Yes!



Gluten Free on the GO!

Looking for gluten free restaurants in your area?

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Send Me Gluten Free!

Broaden your gluten free horizons from the comfort of your won home!

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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruner to find out if you have a gluten sensitivity, please contact Optimized Living Institute at 817.431.9911 or

Dr. Rebekah Bruner is passionate about healthy living and preventative healthcare learning. She enjoys speaking and writing about empowering people to become their own health advocate. Knowledge is power.

Dr. Bruner's post-doctorate training is in functional medicine and neurology. She has received additional certifications in Functional Blood Chemistry, Thyroid, Brain Chemistry, Leaky Gut, & Autoimmunity.

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